05 November 2012 4 comments

In the Aftermath of Sandy...

A week ago today, a storm of historic proportions swept over the eastern seaboard of the United States. It's name was Superstorm Sandy.  It was a hurricane, nor'easter and post-tropical cyclone all coalesced into a single monster of nature's power. (And proof that the effects of climate change are upon us.) The effects were felt from Virginia to Connecticut and west to Ohio and West Virginia by the time the harsh winds, storm surge, rain and snow passed. Fortunately, the impact of the storm was relatively minor in my "neck of the woods." My heart goes out to all those members of our little community who were more seriously affected. In the aftermath of the storm, it has become clear that the clean-up will be a long, arduous process. For anyone who would like to help, the Red Cross has details on exactly what you might do.