09 March 2013 9 comments

Zen Retreat in Miniature

Neville house filled with modern miniatures
a Zen Retreat
You know how each Daily Show with Jon Stewart ends with the your moment of Zen segment? Well, here's my version. Green, organic and serene are all adjectives I'm hoping come to your mind as I take another opportunity to feature those gorgeous African stools I recently purchased. Namaste!

Details: Nothing new here...ReacJapan, Dolls House Emporium, Kaleidoscope House, TheShadeStore.com, PRDminiatures, Minimodernas, and cb2. The crochet blanket was gift from a friend.
02 March 2013 6 comments

Tour: Princess' Playhouse

I continue to play with this Videolicious app to make (extremely) short videos. I apologize for some of the unsteady clips in this my first dollhouse tour.  I've included a brief fact sheet on the playhouse owner. Her name is Princess P.
  • Age: 14
  • Religion: non-denominational Christian w/ heavy Buddhist influences
  • Hometown: Hilton Head, SC (people besides tourist actually do live there)
  • Favorite subject(s): Math, Art
  • Favorite sport: Basketball, she's starting point guard for her school JV team
  • Hobbies, interests and preoccupations: the 80's (because that's when video games were born), model building, 60's POP Art, anime, motorcycles & scooters, surfing & skateboarding, the color green, flavored lip gloss, Drake and Justin Beiber, silly bands, Boathouse smoothies, Settlers of Catan, legos (the architect sets) 
  • Dislikes: intolerance, people with a large carbon footprint, cold weather, brussel sprouts
  • Future Aspirations: move to San Francisco & become an animation expert and video game designer; loose her Southern drawl and speak fluent Japanese by age 18; a green planet and world peace