26 January 2013

Elevate Your Style with Jean Prouve

Here's my haul from Spain!
I fell in love with the African stools featured at Minismodernas. I held off making the purchase for some time because I try to avoid international shipping fees.  Alas, these stools were too fabulous to pass up. When I did make my purchase, I added more great items to make the shipping price worthwhile, of course. Everything was well packed and arrived in great condition.  I really like that PayPal was available because it makes transactions so much easier. Thank you Minismodernas!

Guy gets girlfriend and suddenly a little style and flair are
infused into the starter-apartment.
You've seen a version of this scene before.  I began working in the new pieces to raise the level of design. (Maybe our apartment owner just got a new girlfriend.) Prouve chairs are a mid-century modern staple. Perhaps they were purchased from a thrift store in bad condition and refurbished for this starter-apartment? A day spent at the flea market on 26th at the Avenue of the Americas (Manhattan, NY) plus great negotiating skills helped our guy get a deal on the African stool. You get the idea. So have you ever lent your creativity and design expertise to a college boyfriend/future husband (or anyone else) to help them step up their design game? Please, leave a comment and tell me all about it.


Ginger Lola said...

I love the chairs...and the scene...:)

Mini Dork said...

Ha ha ha! When my Mr moved in to my apt. the cinderblocks were upgraded to L brackets. Now we just upgrade from IKEA. Sadly that furniture doesn't last as long as cinderblocks.

studioseven said...

Thanks Ginger Lola. Hey, I've been trying to visit your site but with no luck, did you move it or take it down?

Megan--yes, cinderblocks will remain with us until the end of time... style or no style. Though IKEA is very stylish (and affordable), it doesn't have the same life expectancy, eh?

Tiny Stuffs said...

Cinder blocks bring back memories from childhood! Everyone except my grandparents had cinder blocks as part of their decor! That and those beads that hung in the doorway. Good Times... Thanks for the memories. And by the way LOVE your mini style.

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