29 September 2012 4 comments

Form Over Fame

Day 59. Image source: brandspirit.tumblr.com

What happens to an object when you take away its branding? Andrew Miller is the branding and marketing strategist behind Brand Spirit, a 100-day design project where he gives us the answer to that very question. He documents the results on his blog by the same name.  He describes the project in this way:
"Every day for 100 days, I will paint one branded object white, removing all visual branding, reducing the object to its purest form. I can purchase each object for less than $10, it can be something I own, something another person gives me, or something I find."

From top to bottom: Days 100, 39, 60, 61 and 14.
Image source: brandspirit.tumblr.com

I really enjoyed this project and was surprised to see how a simple paint job could alter the way I viewed an object. Some of the most humble minutiae from everyday living was elevated into an interesting study in form, perhaps even a soothing sculptural object. Well, that's my take on it but what do you guys think?
26 September 2012 10 comments

And the Winner Is...

Thank you to everyone who has joined the tribe by following Mini*Aestethetics and participating in my inaugural give-away.  I used an online random number generator to complete the drawing.  
Retro TV & champagne flutes
set of toys

Drum roll please...
and the winner of the retro television and set of champagne flutes (choice A) is Jazzi of Jazzi Minis! More drumroll...
The winner of the toy set including skateboards, soccer ball and truck (choice B) is Angela of El Mundo de Angela!

Congratulations!!! Please send an email to me: miniaesthetic at gmail dot com telling me exactly where to send your package. 
22 September 2012 7 comments

Time for a Good Soak

A few new (well, not quite so new anymore) purchases inspired me to create a spa bath room.  You can see from the accessories, I decided to mix modern fixtures with classic and antique accessories to keep things from getting too cold and sterile. I'd love to climb into that free standing tub for a good soak.  Tell me what you think.

Details: bookcases, pitcher & bowl and vase are from Dolls House Emporium; sink & tub fixtures by ELF Miniatures; chair by ReacJapan; vessel sink from Ikea; sink pedestal is napkin ring from West Elm standing on Mighty Magnets from The Container Store; free standing tub from Crate & Barrel; wire baskets are an Etsy shop purchase; TV is a keychain by Kikkerland; telephone is from Rement; wooden backsplash, glass jar, metal box, all mirrors from local craft store; wood flooring are samples from Lowe's; shower and washtub are eBay finds

17 September 2012 8 comments

Fall's Arrival

Like many of you, I jumped at Mini Dork's suggestion to scoop up free samples from The Shade Store and incorporate them into my mini-interiors.  I quickly pulled this scene together after opening up my sample pack. Lot's of color plus a little 70's...Oh joy! Quick trivia question guys---without studying the "details" section how many items used in this scene were free??? Have a great week everyone.

Details: rug by The Shade Store at www.theshadestore.com, floor samples from Lowe's, screen Bumble & Bumble packaging reinvented, coffee table assembled by me with supplies from Michael's and The Container Store, cabinet from an Etsy store, vase is Jonathan Adler for Bozarts' Kaleidoscope House, side table is Rement, and chair is ReacJapan.

07 September 2012 14 comments

Must You Really Do That Here?

I have memories throughout my childhood years of my mother grooming her feet while everyone was gathered around the TV in the family room. To say grooming is very polite. I suppose in the grand scheme of things it was a pedicure but it seemed more like foot surgery. First soaking the feet to softened all of the tough layers of dead skin.  This was followed by lots and lots of peeling skin and picking at corns....well, you get the idea.  Perhaps, if I'd been acquainted with pumice stones back then I could have saved my dear (thrifty) mother so much self-inflicted mutilation.  So this modern living room scene is a tribute to a kinder-gentler version of foot care for mothers well, women everywhere. Note the bottle of epsom salts...And ya'll know how I love my shoes!

Details: white breadboard from Miniatures.com; grey 'wall treatment' and acrylic coffee table top from Michael's; coffee table legs are Mighty Magnets from The Container Store; Couch is Kaleidoscope House by Bozarts Toys; sheepskin, white vase and irises from Dolls House Emporium; chair by ReacJapan; wash basin and painted metal frames are eBay purchases; rug by PRD Miniatures; jar from local bead store; screen, towels and pillow are handmade by me