05 March 2012

How Would You Remix the Arne Jacobsen MiiBox?

In honor of the annual winter festival known as Wondercool Copenhagen, the folks at Minimii challenged five Danish artists to create a custom design of an Arne Jacobsen MiiBox.  They have been on display in the Dansk Design Center (DDC) for the past month and will remain for the duration of the festival.  For those of you design enthusiast who are not familiar with this product, the MiiBox features a facade of the Arne Jacobsen house with dual purposes.  It is a 1:16 scale dollhouse but it can also be used as a wall mounted storage unit. Fellow blogger, Miniature Obsession would say the MiiBox is prime to be added to the lust list. I concur!
Above: MiiBoxes on display at DDC. Below:
the dollhouse in its original state.
The creativity displayed in this design challenge was diverse. There was a minimal, monochromatic approach submitted by Anne Black.  In sharp contrast, there was the over-the-top, downtown-chic graffiti style submitted by Lars H.U.G.  Some artistic treatments were holistic and many design features required involvement from exhibit visitors from adding drawings on the surface to pushing buttons to alter the space.
Above: "En fugl på taget er bedre end..." by Anne Black 
Below: The decorative treatment on STILLEBEN
 by Reckweg and Nordentoft transforms the house into 
a sculpture with no movable parts.

Markers and pens are attached to "Burn Down the House".
FUR-OVER by Kopenhagen Fur features vibrantly colored fur used as window treatments, poufs, wall and floor coverings.  The design is airy and open and it begs exhibit visitors to reach out and touch the fur!
FUR-OVER by Kopenhagen Fur. This house also includes
fur grass and fur plants.  The blue entry is my favorite room
in this house.
"Inside Out" by Sofus Walbom og Kastanje Andersen is adorned with circuit boards.  A command center of controls on the outside allows exhibit visitors to enjoy the lighting and musical sound effects wired into the house.  The bathroom features a striking light wall that I've only previously seen on ceilings of miniature houses.  It's certainly a feature to consider recreating. Altogether, these design features give this house a very futuristic and sci-fi film aesthetic.
"Inside Out" by Sofus Walbom of Kastanje Andersen

"Burn Down the House" by Lars H.U.G. is tagged decorated with graffiti and line drawings.  Each room is filled with items creating miniature exhibits unto themselves.  I wonder if the artist was influenced by the late Jean-Michel Basquiat or the Talking Heads (a band that released a song by the same name).  Ahhh the 80's...

"Burn Down the House" by Lars H.U.G.

At 400 Euros, purchasing the Arne Jacobsen MiiBox would break my miniature budget (pun indented), so enjoying this exhibit online gave me the chance to get my fix. There are more pictures featured at the profile for Arne Jacobsen Dollhouse on FACEBOOK (if you 'like' the page). I hope you've enjoyed this tour.  Leave a comment to let me know or share just how you'd give your own MiiBox the artist treatment. 

Note:  All images courtesy of the Arne Jacobsen Dollhouse profile on FACEBOOK.


Mad For Mod said...

It's interesting to see the artist's interpretations of the house. I've loved the Arne Jacobsen mini house from afar...way out of my mini budget (pun intended as well) ;-).

studioseven said...

I agree, they each came up with very different concepts. I'm not sure which is my favorite maybe the "Inside Out" house. Thanks for the visit and congrats on the publication of your house's photo in the Miniatures.com catalog. Great work and so worthy of being your header image.

Mini Dork said...

Wow, thanks so much for sharing this pictures, I hadn't seen these MiiBox's yet. Out of my budget too, but I ADORE this house. I really love the original and bigger Minimii house, but my checkbook does not. Gawking at this pictures helps fill the void! :D

studioseven said...

I'm so happy to have company as I gawk---the more the merrier.

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