19 August 2012 38 comments

Sharing is Caring! " Welcome to the Tribe" Give-Away

Off an on for the bulk of this summer, I'd been working on a swap for Megan a.k.a. Mini Dork of the oh-so-comprehensive blog Modern Mini Houses.  I was so happy to learn all items arrived to the  left west coast safe and sound and they have been greeted with great delight. Here's a sample of several of the items Mini Dork received.  I think this coffee table is my favorite but tell me what item(s) you like the best. I designed a few bathroom items to include in the swap as well. I scored a bag of gold champagne flutes* wedding favors.  They add such life and personality to miniature scenes.  You could win set of your very own. (Keep reading...)

Time for A Give-Away. Continuing along in the spirit of sharing, I am giving away the following items to celebrate the fifty followers who joined in the first six months of this lil' blog (and of course, attract a few more).  Thanks again for all your kind comments and support.  I am both honored and flattered to welcome you to my community tribe of aesthetic snobs (because only the best will do for our mini-spaces, right? Best style, best design, best value...)

How to qualify? Nothing new here:  to enter, you must (1) be a follower of this blog and (2) leave a comment to let me know you'd like your name to be included in the drawing for either give-away A (a retro TV + 6 champagne flutes*) or give-away B (the collection of toys).  Optional: Finally, if you feel inspired to post this picture with a link back to this blog announcing the give-away in the sidebar of you own blog, I would be oh so grateful!  Please follow and post your comments no later than 11:59 pm EDT (US) on September 20. Now closed for comments.
05 August 2012 8 comments

studio7 Loves Typography

Welcome to studio7! Please add your email to our 
guest list. O...another exhibit celebrating typography.

Another fun look at typography, with fun colors and even more daring word play (than the serene Love of Art exhibit). It takes the form of sculpture, standing screens and a framed lithograph. WARNING: This exhibit contains foul language...


Details: red/silver 'F*ck' sculptures were Christmas ornaments from Urban Outfitter; small silver 'Love' sculpture was a place card holder from party supply chain; letter O (yellow) and exclamation point (orange) are from Barnes & Nobles; screens are cut from Bumble & Bumble hair product packaging; chair is ReacJapn; frame painted with by me was an eBay purchase; Desk from The Container Store; Laptop from Rement and pedestal is a napkin ring from West Elm.
"B" Love !