05 August 2012

studio7 Loves Typography

Welcome to studio7! Please add your email to our 
guest list. O...another exhibit celebrating typography.

Another fun look at typography, with fun colors and even more daring word play (than the serene Love of Art exhibit). It takes the form of sculpture, standing screens and a framed lithograph. WARNING: This exhibit contains foul language...


Details: red/silver 'F*ck' sculptures were Christmas ornaments from Urban Outfitter; small silver 'Love' sculpture was a place card holder from party supply chain; letter O (yellow) and exclamation point (orange) are from Barnes & Nobles; screens are cut from Bumble & Bumble hair product packaging; chair is ReacJapn; frame painted with by me was an eBay purchase; Desk from The Container Store; Laptop from Rement and pedestal is a napkin ring from West Elm.
"B" Love !


Jazzi said...

How awesome...you are on a roll!

Four little walls said...

Ha! I LOVE this! Fab job. x

Pepper said...

Isn't that French Connection UK? ;0)

I have a soft spot for typography and I love to see it used in so many ways in miniature scenes. Lovin' it

Hunky Dory said...

Man, I wish I had come up with this scene. Love typography, love fonts, love this scene. The f**k sculpture is just great!!
Carry on with this wittiness.

studioseven said...

Oh Pepper, you are soooo right those designers are clever...French Connection! Thanks doll.

studioseven said...

I try Jazzi, I try. Almost as racy as your very own "Shades of Grey" love den? (wink).
And good look to little Jazzi as she embarks on her worldwide journey.

studioseven said...

Why thank you, Kat.

studioseven said...

Thanks for the encouragement. You clever mash-ups and cast of characters make me smile often, so glad I could return the favor.

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