28 July 2012 2 comments

So in just about 6 months, I've managed to attract 50 followers! A big hat tip to Mary for being number 50.  You all are wonderful.  All the humor, great suggestions, encouragement and of course, complements are so very much appreciated.  Look for a give-away coming up very soon. (I promise.) And I've got some more great posts to share with you as well.


'Love' of Art, A Gallery Exhibit

Love, love, love.
I created an exhibit to celebrate the beauty and artistry of typography.  As you can see the word featured in this exhibit is...LOVE. The sculptures I used here are inspired by the work of Robert Indiana who first designed a Christmas card in 1964 for the Museum of Modern Art. 

The now iconic image was placed on a US post stamp in 1973.
He later created a sculpture made from steel and since 1970 it has remained on exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Many recreations and parodies of the sculpture have been erected internationally.

The original 'Love' sculpture
Welcome to studio7! The gallery curator 
keeps client lists and inventory on a laptop.

'B' Love
Love Faith
Details: gold/white 'Love' sculptures were Christmas ornaments from Urban Outfitter; small silver 'Love' sculpture was a place card holder from party supply chain; chair is ReacJapn; Desk from The Container Store; Laptop from Rement and pedestal is a napkin ring from West Elm.