29 March 2012

Retro Lake House Tour Continues

The main space of the house is for eating, lounging, reading, sleeping, TV watching and more.  The sheep skin rug and floor cushions make it comfortable for sitting around the coffee table or looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows to gaze at the lake. How tranquil is that? We aren't totally cut off while here at the lake, there's a phone and the antique TV.  There's loads of natural light inside during the day, but a paper lantern style pendant gives enough light when the sun sets. Let's take a closer look...
The television is on. (Oh no! nothing but static.)

Corner Kitchen: a bar size refrigerator sits atop
 a cabinet holding kitchen supplies.

The wood burning fireplace doubles as the kitchen oven 
except on the days when we grill over the fire pit outside.
Details:  wood sculpture is PRD miniatures; red cabinet is Mighty World; coffee cups, overhead light, refrigerator and telephone are Rement; wall mirror, coffee table components and bowl are craft supplies from Michael's; white rug, pitcher and red books are Dolls House Emporium; TV is keychain charm made by Kikkerland; yellow book, vases, bed and floor cushions are Kaleidoscope House; neck rolls are handmade by me.


Kikka said...

Wow...That bar size refrigerator is a WOW! Love it! And ths shape of the fireplace is cool!
The light and the airy feeling is gorgeous!
Love the whole thing!

Vanessa said...

Nicely done. Very serene. I feel calmer just looking at it.

Mad For Mod said...

I could stay there even with the antique T.V.

studioseven said...

Thanks much, I really did try to set a mood so I'm glad you could feel it.

studioseven said...

Thanks so much Kikka. The fridge was an eBay purchase. Glad you like it.

studioseven said...

Who needs TV when you've got a lakefront view, right?!

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