Petite Blythe, dolls, miniatures
Allyson Sapphire Hampton has an impeccable eye so she is considered the
 tastemaker around the Hampton brownstone. Her friends simply call her 
Sapphire. After going to boarding school in Switzerland, she came to study at
 Howard University so she could be near her father, a British diplomat who 
is assigned to the US. After completing a fellowship with the Smithsonian
 Institute she began working as an art broker and taking on various interior design 
projects. (Credits: She is a Cinnamon Girl Petite Blythe wearing a hat 
and dress by The Enchanted Pumpkin.)

                        Petite Blythe, dolls, miniatures
       Amaya Skye Hampton is 3 years younger than her sister, Sapphire. Her friends
       call her Amaya. After getting kicked out of the best boarding schools in Europe,
 her father sent her to a small school in Virginia where he could keep an eye on her. 
She followed her sister to Howard U so they could spend more tim together.  They have become 
very close (although they still have very different personalities) and are nearly
 inseparable.  Amaya is a talented artist, earning a BFA from university.  
She likes to work in acrylics or mixed media.  (Credits: She is a Caribbean
 Jewel Petite Blythe wearing a hat by The Enchanted Pumpkin.) 

Twins Michelle (facing) and Trichelle are 2 of Alyssa's
mentees living in the sorority house.
Alyssa Furst.  Studied psychology at Howard University then earned an
MSW from Harvard and became a LCSW. She currently works as 
Head Mistress for one of the sorority houses on HU's campus.  This
 leaves her plenty of time to pursue all of her philanthropic 
interest through her foundation.  A business venture 
with her younger sister that they sold when shewas 21 has
 left them both independently wealthy.


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