05 March 2012

Contest Winners Among Us

Here's the online version of the print Hobby Builders Supply catalog. Source: miniatures.com
I came home today to discover the newest Hobby Builders Supply (Miniatures.com) catalog in my mailbox. I began flipping through to see what new sources of inspiration might leap off the page when I saw two spectacular, though familiar images. Mad for Mod of My Mini Mod Pod and Mini Dork of Modern Mini Houses are both featured on the third page of this catalog as part of the layout recognizing all the winners from the 18th Annual Creatin' Contest.  While many of us have seen the wonderful pictures on their blogs and Flickr, it's fantastic when the efforts of modern miniaturists are recognized beyond our niche community.  Kudos!  I'm so glad your work is being recognized by a broader audience.  By the way, just what will you purchase with the gift certificates you've each won? I can't wait to see the pictures. Hehe.


Mini Dork said...

Hey Hey, man you got that up fast. I just got my copy yesterday. I'll be blogging about it tonight.

I bought a few of kits for the next contest, most of the Houseworks Homestyle Collection, and some building supplies and tools. Good times!

studioseven said...

I really love that kit for this year's contest and am thinking of buying it. It would be my first build so I admit I am a little intimidated. We shall see...*smile*

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