29 September 2012

Form Over Fame

Day 59. Image source: brandspirit.tumblr.com

What happens to an object when you take away its branding? Andrew Miller is the branding and marketing strategist behind Brand Spirit, a 100-day design project where he gives us the answer to that very question. He documents the results on his blog by the same name.  He describes the project in this way:
"Every day for 100 days, I will paint one branded object white, removing all visual branding, reducing the object to its purest form. I can purchase each object for less than $10, it can be something I own, something another person gives me, or something I find."

From top to bottom: Days 100, 39, 60, 61 and 14.
Image source: brandspirit.tumblr.com

I really enjoyed this project and was surprised to see how a simple paint job could alter the way I viewed an object. Some of the most humble minutiae from everyday living was elevated into an interesting study in form, perhaps even a soothing sculptural object. Well, that's my take on it but what do you guys think?


Pepper said...

It's very interesting to look at an object in its most basic form. I think it allows you to appreciate the design much more.

Mini Dork said...

LOVE IT! Just today I set up a new spray painting booth (cardboard box contraption) to finish overdue swap items (getting closer to done!)

Thanks for sharing this project, very cool concept. NY Times paper and Levi's cracked me up.

studioseven said...

Exactly!!! ; ) Hope all is well across the pond.

studioseven said...

Yes, I too love spray painting booths. Glad you enjoyed the post and checked out the project. Some of the items really cracked me up too.

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