27 October 2012

Getting Ready for All Hallows' Eve

Played the characters:
Cole & The Source
The Book of Shadows

Accepting Mini Mod Pod's challenge, I pulled together this scene for Halloween.  Looking at it now, it's hard to believe I began with the idea of creating a haunted house but that quickly turned into a room decorated for a Halloween party which finally morphed into...the witches lair. Think good witch as in the television show, Charmed. One may perhaps seek the counsel or protection of a witch just like a palm reader or fortune teller.  But it's not a place that's just easily accessible off of the main street. After all, a witch needs privacy to create potions, cast protection spells, or hold The Source (of all evil) imprisoned in crystals---that's a third Charmed reference in case you missed it. 

When not casting spells and such, the witch takes a load off by
 reclining on the daybed writing in her journal, My Life As A Cat.

This little set up is a private party for the witch and some of her most beloved clients on All Hallows Eve.  There's a chair and a place to recline in the lair.  The real workspace has been cleared of pots, potion bottles, and the Book of Shadows and replaced with party treats...champagne in midnight colored flutes and serving trays full of sashimi and sushi (okay, that's the only tiny food I have.) And for dessert, tiny cakes decorated to look like rolling dice.

Approaching back deck from the right side.
Take a closer look inside.
Guests enter through the door on the left.

Details: Chair, ReacJapan; orange storage tower, Rement; table, orange tray and round platform, The Container Store; food, (magnets) Urban Outfitter; black bird (a wineglass charm) and dice, Morgan Imports; champagne flutes, The Dollar Store; disco ball and picture frame, swap with margaret_loves; dress with hat, The Enchanted Pumpkin--an Etsy store; rug, TheShadeStore.com; yellow book, orange vases and daybed with pillows, Kaleidoscope House accessories; wooden sign, bowl and black barrels, AC Moore; remaining accessories from Dolls House Emporium or eBay; "leather" daybed cover, pumpkins and leaves made by me.

See more Halloween Scenes at Jazzi Minis and MinisBHappenin.


Mad For Mod said...

Looks like a great place to hang on Halloween! I love what you did w/the Kaleidoscope house vases!

Jazzi said...

OOH I like...it looks very grown-up and posh! Like the print on the pillows...come on over the the Jazz Club to celebrate with the rest of the gang!

studioseven said...

HI! Thanks much...this was a great idea for a challenge.

studioseven said...

Hey, I'm on my way. Hopping on the jet with MinisB...

Pepper said...

I'm so digging the mirror ball. I think witches get such a bad rap..all cobwebby and frogs eyeballs. Even witches like a bit of modern luxury, yes? =0)

My Realitty said...


studioseven said...

He he...cool touch huh? Your scene, I mean scenes were pure horror ; )

studioseven said...


Jessie said...

This is so cute. I love the mod house. Thanks for your comment on my blog about my bookcase display. :)

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