22 September 2012

Time for a Good Soak

A few new (well, not quite so new anymore) purchases inspired me to create a spa bath room.  You can see from the accessories, I decided to mix modern fixtures with classic and antique accessories to keep things from getting too cold and sterile. I'd love to climb into that free standing tub for a good soak.  Tell me what you think.

Details: bookcases, pitcher & bowl and vase are from Dolls House Emporium; sink & tub fixtures by ELF Miniatures; chair by ReacJapan; vessel sink from Ikea; sink pedestal is napkin ring from West Elm standing on Mighty Magnets from The Container Store; free standing tub from Crate & Barrel; wire baskets are an Etsy shop purchase; TV is a keychain by Kikkerland; telephone is from Rement; wooden backsplash, glass jar, metal box, all mirrors from local craft store; wood flooring are samples from Lowe's; shower and washtub are eBay finds


Mad For Mod said...

I'd love to have a tub like that in real life...it looks so relaxing. Great job on the sink. I really like the whole thing!

Craftland said...

I love the mix. I looks really wonderful.
Hugs from Craftland

Minis-B-Happenin' said...

Great Job! I especially like how you rigged the sink and pedestal and I love the little wire baskets. Bathrooms and kitchens intimidate me, but I'm going to woman-up and attempt them one day.

studioseven said...

Thanks ladies! I was quite happy with the overall effect from this bathroom. I just want to shrink myself down and climb right in. All your positive feedback on the sink means a lot.

Mini Dork said...

Okay, I missed this one. Love love love it! The sink is fab, cool wallpaper and those baskets are super cute. I need a bath!

Mini Dork said...

Reminds me of one of my kid's jokes...

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Anita who?
Anita bath!

studioseven said...

He he. So glad you liked the scene ; )

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