28 January 2013

Presidential Inauguration Style

Just seven days ago, the President was sworn into his second term of office. If you are a big fan of symbolism and history, know that 21 January 2013 was over-the-top full of it. Inauguration Day was also MLK Day in the 50th year since the March on Washington, the 150th year since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and the completion of the dome on the Capitol (for the second time). It was also the day before the 40th anniversary of the momentous Roe v. Wade decision. Although I wanted to drop these pearls of historical trivia, it is not the primary purpose of today's blog post. As so many of you know, the presidential inauguration is a major production filled with design, fashion and style.  I've collected some images from this year's celebration and the celebration four years ago.

The first family graces the podium with style and color. The Obama women prove to be an asset, each color and personality complementing our 44th president (who also opts for a bright red tie).

In 2009, A new birth of freedom, the youth and changing of
the guard marked by the Obama's arrival was punctuated by
a palette from the entire color wheel. (Image: Reuters)
In 2013, Faith in America's future, an older Obama family is 
outfitted in an analogous color palette. 
(Image: tomandlorenzo.com)
Prom, wedding, golden anniversary...inauguration is the closest Americans come to a coronation with all the pomp and circumstance one would expect to accompany the occasion. Do you love typography, paper or political ephemera? Enjoy this.

Obama 56th Inauguration
Clockwise from the top: 2009 commemorative single day
Metro fare card,  DNC Inaugural Reception ticket,  gallery 

exhibit flyer, 2009 Inaugural Staff Ball ticket
57th Inauguration Obama
Official 2013 Inaugural Invitation with raised presidential 
seal in gold foil
57th Inauguration Obama
2013 Inaugural Ceremonies Program

57th Inauguration Obama
Clockwise from top: 2013 commemorative renewable 
Metro fare card, map of ticketed inauguration viewing 
areas, Inauguration Ceremonies ticket, commemorative 
Inaugural Invitation with raised gold foil logo
OFA Staff Ball ticket
Instagram: my 2013 Inaugural 
Staff Ball ticket
Many of you are used to seeing the cliche red, white and blue ribbon that adorns the inaugural stage constructed on the west lawn of the capitol every four years.  However, the set production for the inaugural balls is far more elaborate.  These pictures below show stages from the 2009 and 2013 venues. Each features the official inaugural logo. The perfect backdrop for the first couple. The formal white tire attire for POTUS* is both modern and minimal. For each celebration, FLOTUS** opts for a moderately adorned gown in a patriotic color that is flowing and ethereal.

Presentation of the Colors OFA Staff Ball
2013: Presentation of the Colors at The Staff Ball

White tie & Jason Wu white
silk chiffon (Image: Getty, 2009)
White tie & Jason Wu chiffon &
velvet in regal red (Image: Getty, 2013)

2013 Inaugural Ball
In 2013, the First Couple dances to "Let's Stay Together" as serenaded by 
Jennifer Hudson. In 2009, the First Couple danced to "At Last" 
as serenaded by Beyonce Knowles.  Both songs appropriate for the times. (Image: michellepictures.com)
  *POTUS - President of the United States
**FLOTUS - First Lady of the United States


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I meant to comment on this earlier... I love this post. All of the imagery is absolutely incredible, from the commemorative materials to all of the design elements. THANK YOU so much for putting this together and sharing. (And I am mad jealous. I so wish I could have been there.)

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