29 January 2013

Champagne Chair Contest Winners Announced

DWR announced the winners of it's Champagne Chair Contest late (for EST) this afternoon. They did something different this year by choosing 10 finalists and 7 honorable mentions.  I don't think my email had anything to do with that decision, since I have yet to receive a response from them. (I wonder if they received my original message? Doh!)

Nevertheless, the blog post announcing the winners read...

"On behalf of our judges and everyone here at DWR, we would like to congratulate the winners and all of the contestants on their beautiful, innovative and functional designs this year. Thank you for taking the time to create a champagne chair for our special contest. Please browse all 319 submissions here." 

I guess that's the part I found most meaningful. I was surprised to discover that there had only been 319 submissions. Perhaps, I should feel less bad about not making even a ripple in the design pool that is the Annual Champagne Chair Contest. And who doesn't like being told they had a "beautiful, innovative and functional design"?

F8 Chaise, Aaron Padilla---3rd Place
There's no need for me to cut and paste the DWR post since it was pretty short and to the point. You can read all the details for yourself here.  However, I will give a shout out for the F8 chaise, my personal favorite created by Aaron Padilla. I cannot believe it only won third place, the $250.00 DWR gift card! But hey, I'm not a professional designer. Well, perhaps Aaron will enjoying picking out a nice pillow or some other sort of accessory. Actually, I've taken the liberty of "recommending" a few items for that gift card. We all know DWR products don't come cheap and $250.00 spends like $10.00 elsewhere. He he he...

18"x26" Design 9297 Pillow, $250
Geneva Sound System XS, $249.95
5 Neutra House Numbers, $24 ea
Eames Hang It All, $199.00
8 Almoco 5pc Flatware Settings, $30 ea
2 Corniche Shelves,  $235.00-250.00
Congratulations to Jeffery Molter and Miwa F. as well for their designs of the second and first place winning chairs respectively. Hope to see them all on display at the DWR Georgetown before too long. 


debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

this is great, slowly turning to modern minis, I blame Jazzi, for introducing me and now I find I am searching them out, help

studioseven said...

Well, thanks for visiting and do come back often. I agree Jazzi has been a great "cross-pollenater" but that's definitely a good thing, right?!

Mini Dork said...

There was some crazy talent in the contest. I would have picked a few others as first place, but I guess I'm not a professional designer either. :D

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