17 January 2013

An Open Letter to DWR...

Champagne Chair Contest

I want to thank you for creating a contest and marketing event that continues to inspire creativity and enthusiasm for modern design year after year.  For the first time, I decided to create my own design and enter the contest. I have no professional design training. I am a homeowner who, at best, can be considered to have very good taste. I am also an active member of a growing niche community online  that focuses on modern miniatures. A small group of us (about 4) all chose to enter your contest for the first time. In our discussion of the experience (conceiving then executing a design) a recurring theme emerged. We each spoke of intimidation due to the field of talent. This is not a criticism, it only speaks to the event's success. It inspired me to consider ways in which you might redesign this contest that has grown well beyond its infancy.

Perhaps you might...

1) divide the contest into amateur/hobbyist and design students & professionals 

2) consider superlative recognition in categories like wittiest, most intricate, most creative use of materials, most minimal. 

I'm not necessarily recommending you increase your investment in the budget for prizes. The recognition alone however would be very meaningful to many of your contest participants.


(Modern Miniatures Collector & Blogger)

I submitted the above to DWR via the contact function on their website. It occurred to me that others may also want to join the conversation and share their opinions. To that end, I share this email as a potential catalyst.


Mini Dork said...

Brilliant. I also wish there was more info for each entry, like profession of person who made it, how long it took, etc. Thanks for sharing.

Modern MC said...

This is beautifully written. I am glad you shared this with us. I do hope they respond.

Indy_Poppy said...

I like your entry. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

studioseven said...

Ladies, thanks for your kind words. More info on each designer would be very interesting. As of yet, no word back yet from DWR.

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