14 January 2013

Cheers to Chairs: My 1st Contest

A sensible someone would not choose such a formidable challenge. Yet, after inspiration and suggestion over at Call of the Small, I decided to go ahead and create a cork chair to enter in Design Within Reach's (DWR) annual Champagne Chair contest. I hope I followed the rules correctly.  It seemed you could only submit one photo.  The smart ones submitted a single collage photo but several others, like me submitted only one view.  If you submitted your entry via Instagram or Twitter as I did, only one view in a single photo was possible.

I chose the option of tweeting my entry under #dwrchampagnechair.

The talent in this long-running contest is phenomenal and quite intimidating.  I decided to go for it anyhow. I wanted to share a few of this year's entries that intimidated the he*l, I mean stood out to me.

Elevate by elainenmak
"My Loose Interpretation Of" by jackstastic
F8 chaise by asp628
Perch Chair by djasoncrowder
an untitled piece by jcsonifrank
another untitled piece by nandy1702
I doubt much will come from my efforts, but you can best believe I will be taking a screen shot once my little chair is uploaded to the gallery of entrants on the DWR webpage. (A wry grin follows.) You can also check out contest entrants on twitter at #dwrchampagnechair. I'll share more on my chair making experience in a post to follow very soon.  The contest ended today.  They will select 10 finalists.  In the past, a traveling exhibit of these finalists go on display at DWR studios across the country. Be sure to keep your eye out for that. The winners will be announced online on January 28th.

Update. It's official. Here it is...my chair in the gallery of contestants at DWR.com!

Update. More Blogger friends answered the call...


Minis-B-Happenin' said...

Good Luck on your entry! When I saw the pictures of past entries, my thought was "it's all been done, and very well, what more could anyone come up with?" People's creativity just amazes me!

Mini Dork said...

Hey Hey. Congrats and good luck. I got one in under the wire, but mine wasn't as nice as yours. Can you post more photos of yours? :D

studioseven said...

Hey thanks for the well wishes both of you guys. Now that I've read many comments and blog posts in our community one common theme seems to move through each---intimidation. I'm happy to know I'm not alone.

Beanie--don't let that stop you next year and Megan---you are far too modest, cool design.

Anonymous said...

Great work! That looks so modern, I wish I could snatch it out of the screen and claim it for myself! Gorgeous chair.

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