02 February 2013

Tutorial: Miniature Magnetic Furniture

napkin rings, West Elm 

Last spring, I picked up a pair of white metal napkin rings from West Elm.  I believed they would be a staple in creating any number of awesome pieces of miniature furniture. Little did I know exactly how much I'd love them and use them again and again. When I returned to the store to buy more, they were all sold out (sighs with disappointment). You can imagine my surprise when an unpainted version reappeared during the holiday season. I've picked up four more napkin rings hoping that will be enough to satisfy my imagination.

These are great supplies for building furniture
with magnets.

I began attaching different shaped magnets to the napkin rings and other metal miniatures I had on hand.  There's a brand called Mighty Magnets that are strong enough to maintain their attraction through glass and acrylic pieces. Great, a chance for more versatility. So this is just about the easiest tutorial ever. Use super strong magnets of various shapes with metal, acrylic or glass to make some awesome modern furniture and fixtures. Unleash your creativity! Check out the pieces I made below.

Metal side tables (horizontal)
Painted side tables (on left: horizontal; center: vertical)
Coffee table (on right)
Vessel sinks on pedestals (on left: tall; on right: low)
Rear center: metal fire pit 
Details: metal and glass condiment bowls are from Ikea; acrylic blocks from Michael's; all magnets purchased from The Container Store

Oh, here's a short little video to sum everything all up...


Jazzi said...

Okay! I'm in!

Jazzi said...

Cool idea for those magnets!

Mini Dork said...

Brilliant video, so cool. I love the magnets, and I've got to head down to IKEA to get some of those condiments bowls, fabulous idea!!

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