28 February 2012

Looking for that Gnarly Wood (Part 2)

Recently, I professed to you all my love for the beauty of gnarly woods.  Now I'd like to share a few other reasons, I think live edge pieces work so well in modern design. 1) It's organic. This makes it a nice counterpoint to balance the cooler, modern surfaces like nickel, concrete and marble that so commonly define our living spaces. 2) It's sculptural. Wood definitely has form and texture and sometimes you've just gotta showcase it. 3)  It's massive scale.  Of course, not all live edge pieces are massive in scale but many of them are.  Such large scale furniture is common on the west coast but it's a newer concept for those of us east of the Mississippi.  Obviously, a massive scale works well in urban lofts.  I contend, however, that a carefully chosen piece could also work nicely in the room of a more conventional home.  This is especially the case since open floor plans are so common.
(Image Sources: 1, 3-www.liveedge.com; 2-www.prdminiatures.com)
I think the designers at West Elm might agree with me.  They are carrying in their current inventory a Raw Edge Collection that includes 2 styles of consoles, a coffee table and a side table ranging in price from $249.00 to $499.00 US dollars.  And they also have a brand new piece call a Live Edge Mirror. These options make the furniture scale and the price point for live edge furniture accessible to us all, eh?

(Image Source: westelm.com)

Fnally, the obvious solution to my dilemma (how do I get some gnarly wood into my design life?)---go 1:12!  Which, in some ways, I already have.  Paris of PRDMiniatures custom designed these lovely tables (as well as the calf-hair love seat) for me. 

(Image Source: Paris Renfroe)
But now I'm ready to go all out with something more like these designs. 
The inaugural pieces of  the Micro Collection (sold out) at the Etsy
store, OneFortyThree (Image source: onefortythree.com)
Live edge bench (sold) from PRDMiniatures (Image Source: Paris Renfroe)
So Paris and Logan this is my open letter to request that each of you, please make more.  Because I'm really lovin' that gnarly wood!


Pepper said...

Hey there, you have a blog...finally =0)

I love natural wood. In my opinion, there isn't another material that equals its aesthetic beauty. Apart from the fact that it is as unique as a snowflake (grain, colour etc) you also have decades of history wound right there into the wood.
Nice post =0)

Margaret said...

I love "gnarly" wood, too. I would love to have some in 1:1 scale as well as miniature :)

studioseven said...

Oh thanks so much Pepper. You are also my first comment, woo hoo! I have a shout-out and link to you in an upcoming post.

studioseven said...

Hi Margaret and thank for being my first follower and convincing me that I must blog about this hobby/passion of mine. The current furniture offerings make live edge in 1:1 kind of tempting. I've also seen an accessory or two at Target.

Mini Dork said...

Paris and Logan are killing it with their gnarly wood, I definitely want more too! I love this pictures. Truly inspiring. I think I might try to make a bed, if I can ever find a cool piece of wood in 1:12. Thanks for the great post!

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