21 March 2012

Got Midcentury Modern Chairs?

I found these at a cute home accessories store called Tabletop and I thought about just how on-trend the pattern is and all of my friends here in the modern miniature blogosphere.

So you've collected all the Reac Japan Designer Chairs or decorated with as many refinished vintage finds as your life-sized house can hold, but you still haven't satisfied your craving for the modern designer chairs from the mid(20th)century.  What are you ever to do??? From Etsy to Inhabit to SFMOMA, check out this roundup of the iconic silhouettes on everything.

Is this good or bad design?  Does it take away from the original sculptural beauty of these chairs? Which chair is your favorite? Talk to me, let me know. (Note: click through to Olioboard for all the details on the items in the roundup.)


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