12 March 2012

Rustic in Blue

I remixed this Modern Rustic room with even more pieces from my swap with margaret_loves. 
I like the lift all the blue accessories sprinkled around brings to the room.  The Foo Dog statues atop the cabinet just may be my favorites.  The zebra print rug lies under a bowl full of all sorts of blue treasures (semi-precious stones and mirrored tiles).  They add to the bling of the disco ball. And, a blue etched-glass plate (a la Rement) brings even more bling.
The dandelion photograph (a postcard) brings real interest to the left side of the room.  A cb2 igloo chair receives an upgrade with the velvet cushion from Margaret's retro hanging chair.  Very comfy, I bet.  Mirror on the cube side table brings more bling while the pouf (a hacky sac) makes cushy alternative seating.
In the corner, a work area features a small, blue framed mirror, a British-themed mood board and an oversize hand (it's really an eraser in 1:1 scale).  Now the sculptures on the table send the message: one love.


Margaret said...

Very cool, it is so surreal to see the stuff I sent you in your photos! Love it, one love!

Heather said...

Looks fantastic... and I really love the dandelion print :0

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