02 May 2012

Do You Like Treasure Hunting?

Charles & Ray Eames fabric and furniture.
Blue in Green
Black, white and red
Just a few pictures from three shopping expeditions.  I can't believe I stumbled across these fabric samples from mid-century architects and designers at a consignment shop!  Aren't they awesome?  These are heavy duty upholstery fabrics, so it will be a bit of a challenge to put them to use on miniature scale. I'm up for it.  The Eames elephant tables and rocking chair all came in the same Reac Japan limited edition set. The miniature artist model and the jar with cork stopper are from a favorite what-nots shop in Durham, NC. I've purchased the brass bamboo tables with the thought of giving them a makeover Shopping Sherpa style.  Who knows? We'll see what comes out in the mix.  You've seen the little birdies (although you didn't see these two colors, in particular).  They are a set of six Perch Glass Charms by Umbra designed to stick to your wine glass with a little suction cup.  Cute, no? These are the most recent items I've picked up while treasure hunting with my miniatures lens in place.  Now let's see what inspiration strikes me.


Jazzi said...

The upholstery fabrics are a score! I love shopping with my mini seeking lens on lol!

Heather said...

Wow, what amazing finds!! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

Mad For Mod said...

What an awesome find on those fabrics....I'm so jealous! I like the idea of painting the tables. I'm a huge fan of spray paint! I find that these days I'm always shopping with my mini lens.

Mini Dork said...

What!?!?! That Eames upholstery fabric is truly an amazing find! Yup, I'm jealous! That thick fabric is great for rugs and wall paper, but it is tricky to use for anything smaller. Good luck, I know you'll find great uses for it. I have that Reac set with the elephants, its great for kids rooms. Spray paint works wonders. Those tables will look great touched up. Love the birds! Looking forward to how you use them. :D

studioseven said...

Thanks you guys. Where would any of us be without our mini lens, right? I've really got my creative juices flowing.

@ Mini Dork you are so right about the weight of the upholstery fabric on mini-scale. It will be a REAL challenge so I'm thinking (glued down) bedding.

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por tus compras, seguro que disfrutaste mucho buscandolas.
besitos ascension

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