25 December 2012

A Pink-tastic Christmas Day!

I staged this Christmas scene in 6th scale with a more is more, Hollywood-glamour type of vibe. Before you ask...the answer is NO---no I couldn't get enough pink! It amped up that glamour factor. My Barbie Collection lives on a narrow vanity in my studio guest bedroom/study made from a mirror hanging over a shelf. You might see a sliver of a miniature black chandelier at the edge of this photo. This hangs above a Jonathan Adler sofa (in Barbie-scale, of course). A lamp and side table also by Adler flank the couch. In the corner, at the edge of the shelf, stands the star of the show---an old pink tinsel Christmas tree (by Paperchase) with a pink mini string of lights. The angel tree topper is made from the tops of two perfume bottles. The body is from L'eau D'Issey and the wings are a cut flower off of the Marc Jacobs' Daisy lid.  Luxurious little gifts clutter at the bottom. What on earth could be better than bags and purses? Good Santa!
Glamorous Tree

Here's a closer look at that gift haul.
The So In Style kids dolls also fair well with Santa. They received plenty of toys and even some props for dress-up.  Tea with the little princess, anyone?

Well, all this beautiful hall-decking did not just miraculously appear, head on over to my Flickr.com photo stream for the details of the decorating story depicted in thumbnails here. 


                      I hope your day was indeed merry and bright.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like Christmas pictures. Your photos are awesome. The pink tree is very cute. I also love all your dolls. Happy Year!. Keep in touch

Mini Dork said...

I need Jonathan Adler in 1:12 scale. I love that couch, just fab! The tree is pinktastic, love it! Very merry and bright. Happy Holidays!

studioseven said...

So do I. Thanks much! You've been busy and productive as the year draws to a close. Happy Holiday's.

studioseven said...

Thank you Marta. I hope the holidays are festive and happy in Spain. See you in the New Year.

Pepper said...

Hope you have a great 2013! =0)

Minis-B-Happenin' said...

Loved your pink Christmas! I was looking forward to doing a scene, but just couldn't get to it. Maybe I'll start in June! Happy New Year!

studioseven said...

Pepper, same to you luv. I can't wait to see the great stuff you create this year.

Minis-B, so glad you broke your "radio" silence! I was trying to send you an email but there's no such option on your blog or profile--please fix that dear : )

Glad you liked the scene! The secret is definitely not to wait until Christmas time to do it, just wait until then to post it. Hope to see more from you soon!

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