23 June 2013

CB2 Holiday House May Deserve A 2nd Look

Image source: www.cb2.com
The copy writers over at CB2.com describe their latest offering in the category of archeitectual models, object d'art or as we loving refer to it---doll house in the following manner:

"Open-air urban dwelling is the master plan of artist/architect Ben Holiday. A replica of the original model he blueprinted and built as an architecture student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, multilevel structure takes up residence in natural plywood with asymmetric proportions on façade that create hierarchy top floor to ground level. Fluid floor plan invites outdoor living with louvered entry and slatted sun deck. Open in back to mini-furnish."

This Holiday House was unveiled last fall in time for the holiday season to mixed reviews. Everyone agreed on the beauty of the design, but unlike its predecessor in this category, The Neville House, the execution of the construction was poor with visible glue seepage. When I visited my local store to see the house for myself, I found all the models on display to be plagued with this problem. Flash forward to now, summer is getting underway and there's a sale over at cb2.com with flat-rate shipping at $4.95. For all that's been reported on the quality of the beautifully designed Holiday House at $19.95 (regularly $49.95) it may be just the right price prompting you to add this beautiful design to your collection. With overall dimensions of 5"Wx7.5"Dx9"H, it is quite diminutive but it appears to work with 1:24 scale furnishings. I took the plunge and made the purchase. At the very least it looks beautiful unfurnished gracing above eye-level shelf space in my book case. Tell me, will you be adding this little model to your collections as well?

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Modern MC said...

I did stop by the CB2 here in San Francisco, but still couldn't spend $20 on the models they had in stock. I know = I'm so daggone picky. However, if I can find one that's decent, I'd add it to my stack of mini houses. Stacks and stacks and stacks...ha ha!

studioseven said...

ModernMC, not wanting gobs of glue on your mini house is not being picky at all. If I had a large mini house collection and budget like yours, I may have passed it up too. I wonder what we might do to encorage CB2 to stick with the "archetectual models" offering but insist on a basic quality standard (read that as choose a better factory in China).

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