27 June 2012

Challenge Reveal: Design Within (my) Reach

Magazine/Catalog Challenge:

Many may be elbow-deep in major undertakings such as the DHE Creative Competition, Greenleaf's Spring Fling Contest or the Miniatures.com Creatin Contest. However, after the fun and near immediate gratification from the wallpaper challenge, Cyd of My Mini Mod Pod took up the gauntlet and suggested we recreate a scene from a catalog or magazine in miniature.  The deadline was May 1st. Fortunately, in the realm of challenges for inspiration and fun, deadlines are shall we say flexible. Ha ha. Thanks also to Megan of Mini Modern Houses and her insatiable archival needs, no challenge is ever forgotten.

I'm so captivated by the recreated in miniature scenes.  Be sure to check out the Home Beautiful Magazine scene recreated by The Shopping Sherpa in the link below. It continues to be a stunner, even today.  When it actually comes down to doing a scene of my own, I always seem to get stuck. I feel my inventory of miniatures furnishings is too small or my miniature craftsmanship skills are too limited.  That being said, my approach to this challenge was...let's just call it...minimalist.

modern and miniature Design Within (my) Reach

This was taken from a July 2007 Design Within Reach catalog. Hence, the title of this post. Why do I have such an old catalog? For research, of course! (I'm not so sure if the DWR.com website was the powerhouse of resources it has become today.) 

Like everyone else, there were elements to this set up that I had to make by hand. The "Little Field of Flowers" rug required that I painstakingly punched each and every tiny leaf from scrapbook embellishments---which were themselves leaves made from mulberry paper.  I also made two of the books.  So there you have it!

Check out other miniature catalog/magazine layouts at these blogs:  Jazzi MiniLeft Coast Mini and My Mini Mod Pod

We were also inspired by the works created by these great blogger pre-challenge:  Raum für Raum and The Shopping Sherpa

More Details:  bamboo floor samples from Lowe's; Eames chair by ReacJapan; yellow book from Kaleidoscope House Collection by Bozarts Toys; rug made by me from eco-friendly felt covered with leaf-punched scrapbook embellishments, both by Recollections.


Jazzi said...

Yay! Good on you! Glad you still joined in, well done! xx

Mad For Mod said...

Nice job especially on the hand made books and rud. I'm glad you did it, better late than never!

Mad For Mod said...

I mean rug...

studioseven said...

Thanks, it was fun to take on something with so much detail. I had to get creative.

studioseven said...

I appreciate that Jazzi.

Mini Dork said...

I love that you have that old DWR catalog! Love your minimalist scene. I added yours to the line up.

I'm still trying to make a few things for my scene, one of these days...

My Realitty said...

Way cool! CM

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