18 April 2012 11 comments

Retro Lake House Tour Concludes

Back in tha' day: when visiting my grandmother's house as a little girl, my mom
and aunts bathed the youngest children (including me) in a washtub like this one.

Let it rain...

The Retro Lake House tour concludes with the most private space, the outdoor shower and bathing area.  Ironic no? bathing outdoors. Hope you enjoyed the walk-through as much as I enjoyed creating this space.  Thanks so much for all of your kind and enthusiastic comments on the other lake house/I'm a Giant posts.  The feedback was so encouraging.

Details: rain shower head and faucet by ELF miniatures; metal tub and mirror from local craft store; mirror frame is metal lid of seamless tin from The Container Store; screen and towel holder are Rement.
15 April 2012 8 comments

It's That Time...Again?

Turbo Tax or H&R Block?  Just a tiny lil' ode to tax day! 365 days of your life in dollars and sense cents, oh joy. Even though we've been given two extra days, I was rushing around this weekend to get those pesky taxes done.  I did a lot of work for myself last year so, well I had to hire some help!  Here's hoping everyone else doesn't have to go down to the wire. If you aren't all done, then perhaps your extension is all lined up. He he he.

Details: beautiful cherry and magnolia desk by minisx2, laptop by Rement, red AMAC box from The Container Store, mug from an eBay seller, chair by ReacJapan, rug by PRDMiniatures, and paper from craft store.
09 April 2012 8 comments

In the Game Room Someone's Always Got Next-

This is a game room in a typical American home. Don't be fooled by the Union Jack pillow (handmade by yours truly), we're just caught up in the Diamond Jubilee celebration.  Here, the family gets together for movie night or the kids hang out to play video games both vintage and XBox connect (smile).  And yes, there is always a fight over who gets to sit in the bubble chair. So we thank Margaret of margaret_loves for the added piece of swank. I apologize for the less than stellar read that as crappy pictures.  This is a very busy week for me.  If you'd like to see what I'm up to in the 1:1 world head over to my blog on all things health at http://enbloommedia.com

Details: furniture is Kaleidoscope House and Doll's House Emporium; vintage arcade games and TV are Hallmark ornaments; rug is PRDminiatures; coffee table accessories, disco ball, mirrored side table and sculpture on top of books are margaret_loves swap items; and oversize lava lamp (keychain) is random find from "As Seen On TV" store in the mall. This room was staged in my Ikea cabinet also known as the Hampton Brownstone (see gallery in the sidebar).

06 April 2012 7 comments

A Dress for Easter Sunday

Spring is here and this weekend is Easter Sunday.  That makes me think of beautiful dresses.  Ivory is fresh, light and should you so choose---the perfect foundation for any color palette.  Here's a round up of some ivory dresses I love. Each reflects the style of a different decade.  Happy Easter and enjoy!

1920s Flapper-style Crepe Dress,
Ralph Lauren Blue Label

1960s Mod-style Shift Dress, M by Missoni

1980s Silk Wrap Dress, Erin Fetherston

Timeless Belted Sheath Dress, Nanette Lepore

This post is part of a Fashion Fridays blog hop hosted by Kori of Blonde Episodes. Check out Fashion Fridays!

05 April 2012 7 comments

There will be no eggs...

Continuing with the idea of "going bold" I used this paper (it's actually called Spring & Summer) to serve as a backdrop for this quick scene. Although we've been waiting and waiting, apparently there will be no eggs to decorate for this Easter holiday.  What to do?!

01 April 2012 15 comments

Challenge Reveal : What's for Dinner?

"Pizza's served..."
I've completed margaret_loves challenge to design a room around a decorative paper that we wouldn't normally choose.  This was my first kitchen scene. Can you believe that? I am so delighted with the way the table turned out.  It's made with a sample from The Rubber Flooring Company placed on top of two round tables I nabbed off of e-Bay.  The slate and marble table gives plenty of room for the family to gather. My inspiration piece, the kitchen icons wallpaper also looks great.  With the kitchen unit and storage shelves in front of the wall, the giant scale of the pattern doesn't seem so overpowering.  What do you think? I gave the all-in-one unit a face-lift because I felt the dark blue fought with the other colors.  I'm not in love with the results but sometimes we experiment, no?

The eat-in kitchen is a feature we don't see so much anymore.  I grew up in a house with both an eat-in kitchen and a formal dinning room but today's open plan houses don't really lend themselves to such duplication.  So this kitchen is a nod to the luxury of the eat-in kitchen. It's a little bit industrial, a little bit modern and completely contemporary.

As the command center, the bulletin board holds a calendar and a menu from a favorite restaurant (because sometimes you just gotta carry out) and space to catch as many messages as needed. But, there is plenty of cookin' going on in this kitchen, so several cookbooks are close at hand near the stove.

If you forgot how this room started just take a look over here.  Jazzi Mini's  has completed her version of the challenge and Mad for Mod has gotten started as well.  It was certainly a challenge partly because I chose to do a kitchen, taking about 3 hours (spread over different days) to pull this together. Thanks Margaret for giving us a little creative motivation.  I look forward to seeing what everyone else creates.  

Details: kitchen unit, storage shelves and all accessories except where otherwise specified from Dolls House Emporium; all chairs ReacJapan; bulletin board, pizza board, wallpaper and flooring from local craft store; ice cream maker from eBay; pizza from Rement.