04 January 2013

Clever Accessory, Great Building Block

I'm so jazzed about this company Kalki'd. They are creating some clever designs for home and garden.  I stumbled across them at cb2 while doing my annual post-holiday shopping for miniatures (think ornaments and small desk accessories---at deep discount). But alas this cool little item was not on sale, a set of four magnets made into miniature cinder blocks! After doing a little research to learn more about the company, I came across this promotional video entitled Concentration.  Take a look and tell me what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. More to come on the tiny cinder blocks and other shopping haul.

Note:  I purchased these with my own money, they were not a gift. If you like this set of magnets and want to make a purchase, I suggest checking out Emmo Home and Yanko Design which both sell sets of six. cb2 sold a set of four at that same price! Perhaps shipping costs even this discrepancy out.

Details: Video is produced by yayasteven courtesy of YouTube. Learn more at kalikid.com


otterine said...

I saw these not too long ago and thought they would be a good addition in mini. :D

studioseven said...

Hi Otterine, so great minds think alike, eh? ; )

Mini Dork said...

Not sure if my Mr. or my son would like them more. Very cool!

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