05 January 2013

Dylan Has A Sister

Image: Courtesy of www.brincadada.com
If you haven't yet discovered this, you may be thrilled to know that the brinca dada design team of Tim Boyle and Doug Rollins has created a hot warm version of it's premier creation, the Dylan House. Her name is Zoe. The house features the same minimal design with maximal open spaces as its predecessor. Many of you know the original house was designed with a neutral, cool color palette of greens, greys and blues. The Zoe House as been re-interpreted with a new color palette ranging from soft-pink to fuchsia.  Pink is not for everyone but I think the house has a wow-factor. If you do like pink and haven't yet added this house to your collection, this just might be the time to do so.  The Zoe House is currently discounted $20.00 USD off its retail price and shipping is free.

Note: I have not received any compensation for this post. I purchased the Dylan House last year with 
my own money.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like this house. The pink color is very nice. Keep in touch

Mini Dork said...

Personally, too pink for me. I think it makes it more gender specific and limits the market to under 10 yrs old. I do appreciate that they are making more houses, I hope that means a new design is in the works. The regular Dylan House is down to $119, not too shabby of a price. I am glad they are making more toys and I really hope they keep expanding. I love the Bennett House but can't swing $599 for that one. What's next Brinca Dada? Something more for collectors? We'll see, thanks for posting. :D

studioseven said...

Hey! The pink does speak to a specific "demographic." If Mattel could ever do Barbie's house right this is what I imagine it would look like. I think it appeals to me because I like bringing vivid color into my miniatures in ways I'd never do in real life. Perhaps, if they sell more kid's houses they can bring the collector houses to a more affordable price point, right? (Probably not.) I too love the Bennett House, still I'm happy for their success. I guess there's some perspective to be gained here, think how much more house you get in the Bennett than the Villa Sibi at it's price point. I'm glad for the expanded selection beyond what we had back then. : )

Anonymous said...

$20.00?! Is that a typo? That house looks like it's priced as over $100. It's gorgeous!

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