14 February 2013

Challenge Reveal: A Love Supreme

Earlier this month, I began working on a scene to feature some of the new items I purchased or received as gifts. Last week I decided to pull the rest of you miniaturist in when I posed a quick and dirty little challenge but then I went and got all more is more. Hey it's all still very modern, plus it tells a story or 10

Welcome to the craft room/studio for two sisters. Meet the Illustrator and the Cellist, neither has a valentine this year so they chose to be one another's. Their month has been busy thus far. They've attended a number of events from a Wear Red dress fashion show to raise money for heart disease in women, to a National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day seminar, to performing in the Vagina Monologues which raises money to end domestic violence.

These ladies are so full of talent they each suffer a bit from adult ADD (attention deficit disorder) and this room truly reflects that fact.  

After spending time earlier in the week enjoying songs from the John Coltrane catalog like A Love Supreme and making cards and such, they've decided to spend the evening watching movies. Up first...Imitation of Life. A powerful story about maternal love. Followed by...KamaSutra. It's about...well, the name says it all! Breakfast At Tiffany's, The Notebook and Love Jones round out the roster of pull-at-your-heart-strings tales of love (and/or romance). The snacks are in place. Tonight they dine on sushi and chocolate. Why you might ask? Because it's great to feel sexy always, weather one has a man or not, no? 

Happy Valentine's Day! Be sure to click through the link to read more about the February Design Challenge reveals.

Details: Lil'Bratz Stylin' Space from eBay; cork side table with script from PRDminiatures, bottles filled with micro beads purchased from The Dollar Store; scrollwork mirror purchased from local flea market; red vase inside bookcase was swap gift from Mini Dork; "Love" cut-out was a gift from The Shopping Sherpa. 


12Create said...

Love it. Very creative. Full of interesting minis. Love the desk and chairs.

Linda said...

Where did you get the idea to use a cell phone as a television? Genius! Nice work.

12Create said...

Very observant Linda. I hadn't notice that. That is a great idea.

studioseven said...

Thanks so much. I've seen lots of cell phones used in play scale miniature scenes over at flickr. I think it works out here since televisions are getting larger and larger in the 1:1 world ; )

Jessie said...

What a fun idea. I love your display!

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