09 February 2013

Nail Art? Not!

nail beads

These small jars are filled with extraordinarily tiny beads. Apparently manicurists use them to create create on-trend nail styles.  
caviar nail polish
The Caviar Manicure.
(Image from primped.ninemsn.com.au)

I take a fairly classic approach to manicures and pedicures. In fact, I generally forgo polish all together on my fingernails opting simply for a buff and shine.  Why? Because I hate chipped polish and I don't have the discipline or disposable income to keep up a manicure. For my feet I opt for short, well shaped nails adorned in a single bold or bright color. Think: Chanel's Vamp knock-off or orange. 

Tell Me Moor! by OPI
Thriftier Vamp option: Tell Me Moor! by OPI
Decals, jewels, micro beads...uh...not so much. Once, I did get daring. I purchased a bottle of gold glitter polish by OPI to complement the purple pedicure I'd just received. A coat of old gold glitter over my purple tootsies (just one on each foot) to recognize the centennial celebration of my father's fraternity...Omega Psi Phi! I didn't get too many comments on the pedicure when I went out that night. Oh well guess there weren't that many foot fetishists out and about ; )
gold glitter nails
Glitter top coat looked a little like this. 
(Image from www.luuux.com)
purple glitter nails
Color base coat looked a little like this purple glitter.
(Image from air-tan.com/blog)
Enough of the digression on beauty trends! I was lucky enough to pick up this pack of 8 bottles from the dollar store. Wow, that's a little more than 12 cents a bottle. I cannot wait to use these in a mini scene. Perhaps my next kitchen or artist's studio. Who knows...we shall see. Most of you in the miniature blogoshpere are a pretty thrifty bunch. This post is a simple reminder: don't forget your dollar stores


maria said...

That is such a great find! I know that most craft stores are selling those caviar beads for wayyy more than $1 for 8. Personally, I think they look weird on nails, but would make great fillings for miniature vials and containers. Plus, they chip off much faster than regular nail polish. Not that this has to do with minis, but I've tried almost every nail polish out there, and recently I found Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails at Family Dollar for $1.50. It's lasted longer than any of the other brands I've tried. And if you keep your nail polishes in the freezer, they go on thicker and last longer.

Mad For Mod said...

I had to run to the dollar store today!

studioseven said...

Happy to know I'm not the only one who finds inspiration everywhere.

Cyd, I go to Home Depot/Lowe's & the dollar store and just wander down each aisle looking to see how stuff just "speaks" to me. I'm sure I seem a bit weird to others in the store (he he he).

Maria, thanks for sharing the manicure advice. While looking at images to do this post, I saw some outrageous designs but I did see a few i'd like to try out but as you say it all chips off so very easily!

Q said...

just in case there are others from non dollar store land (or where dollar store items cost way more - like me) I got some of this for very cheap on evilbay from a HK seller. I was hoping they would be the same size as no hole beads which would make great berries but they are even teenier aren't they?

I think my nails look horrible without polish on them like weird stumpy things, so I wear polish most of the time - I do sometimes let them chip though *hides*

studioseven said...

Hi Q,
Some things ARE more expensive at the dollar store, even here in the US, so you gotta use good judgement. Yes, these are far smaller than no hole beads. I put them up against some of my mini food and I think they make good miniature versions of roe or caviar.

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