24 February 2013 33 comments

A Year...Already?!

Mini*Aesthetics Has Turned 1, Let's Have A Give-Away!
On 24 February 2012, I started this blog with my first posts. In honor of my blog-iversary and to send back some of the love that all of you have shared with me, I'm hosting a give-away.  You can be the winner of all that's pictured above. (Participants will be entered into a random number generator in chronological order and then selected.) 

The rules are easy:
  1. Be A follower 
  2. Leave a comment
  3. Post a link for this give-away in your sidebar (much appreciated but not required)
Please follow and post your comments no later than March 24 at 11:59pm. This Give-Away has closed. 
14 February 2013 10 comments

February Design Challenge Round-Up

Seven short days ago, I laid down a quick & dirty challenge for modern miniature enthusiasts everywhere to create a scene honoring their favorite holiday (or observance) in the month of February. You've all responded so enthusiastically and I'm so feeling all the love! (cause who wants to be talking to themselves, right?) As of today, we have quite a nice round-up and while Valentine's Day was by far the most represented holiday, a few others had a moment in the spotlight even a few (gasp) that don't fall in the month of February.  We also had recurring themes like decadence and indulgence, as well as a few repeating icons. Any guess as to which ReacJapan designer chair made the most appearances in scenes?

The journey began with color and glitz of carnival over at Minis-B-Happenin' with a mini-sized float for one of the many Mardi Gras parades that was large on talent, creativity, and diva personalities. We were then asked to consider what makes Valentine's Day different from (college) spring break over at the Hard Way. Remember all the excess of young love? Apparently, there's a reason why the young guys want to make sure a girl's glass is never empty. Then we had three scenes that turn up the romance quotient.  There's a chic, mid-century scene set for a pair of "LOVE"birds over at Mini Mod Pod while Modernist Molly prepared a cozy custom made bed in a lodged decked out with all the modern trappings.  It's all hearts and rose petals at Mini Modern Mind. Wouldn't we all loved to be so spoiled (grins from ear to ear)? We're  then hit by a cold dose of heartbreak with Jazzi Mini's ode to the single woman. It's a macabre Valentine's scene that takes a turn towards the horror of Halloween. Finally, I created my own take on Valentine's Day that I called, A Love Supreme. It's full of love but  not solely the romantic kind (wink). It overflows with references to many other holidays and observances as well.

ReacJapan dollhouse mid-century modern miniatures design
A Love Supreme, a room bursting with references to love.
Thanks once again to everyone for such a wonderful trip.  Haven't pulled together a scene? There's still time, just let me know the link and I'll add it in an update to this post throughout the rest of this month. Happy (holiday of your choice) Day to everyone!

Update 2/28/2013:

Mary's scene is at http://msminiandmore.blogspot.com/2013/02/happy-valentines-day.html

Mini Dork's scene is at http://modernminihouses.blogspot.com/2013/02/loss-for-words.html



Challenge Reveal: A Love Supreme

Earlier this month, I began working on a scene to feature some of the new items I purchased or received as gifts. Last week I decided to pull the rest of you miniaturist in when I posed a quick and dirty little challenge but then I went and got all more is more. Hey it's all still very modern, plus it tells a story or 10

Welcome to the craft room/studio for two sisters. Meet the Illustrator and the Cellist, neither has a valentine this year so they chose to be one another's. Their month has been busy thus far. They've attended a number of events from a Wear Red dress fashion show to raise money for heart disease in women, to a National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day seminar, to performing in the Vagina Monologues which raises money to end domestic violence.

These ladies are so full of talent they each suffer a bit from adult ADD (attention deficit disorder) and this room truly reflects that fact.  

After spending time earlier in the week enjoying songs from the John Coltrane catalog like A Love Supreme and making cards and such, they've decided to spend the evening watching movies. Up first...Imitation of Life. A powerful story about maternal love. Followed by...KamaSutra. It's about...well, the name says it all! Breakfast At Tiffany's, The Notebook and Love Jones round out the roster of pull-at-your-heart-strings tales of love (and/or romance). The snacks are in place. Tonight they dine on sushi and chocolate. Why you might ask? Because it's great to feel sexy always, weather one has a man or not, no? 

Happy Valentine's Day! Be sure to click through the link to read more about the February Design Challenge reveals.

Details: Lil'Bratz Stylin' Space from eBay; cork side table with script from PRDminiatures, bottles filled with micro beads purchased from The Dollar Store; scrollwork mirror purchased from local flea market; red vase inside bookcase was swap gift from Mini Dork; "Love" cut-out was a gift from The Shopping Sherpa. 

09 February 2013 5 comments

Nail Art? Not!

nail beads

These small jars are filled with extraordinarily tiny beads. Apparently manicurists use them to create create on-trend nail styles.  
caviar nail polish
The Caviar Manicure.
(Image from primped.ninemsn.com.au)

I take a fairly classic approach to manicures and pedicures. In fact, I generally forgo polish all together on my fingernails opting simply for a buff and shine.  Why? Because I hate chipped polish and I don't have the discipline or disposable income to keep up a manicure. For my feet I opt for short, well shaped nails adorned in a single bold or bright color. Think: Chanel's Vamp knock-off or orange. 

Tell Me Moor! by OPI
Thriftier Vamp option: Tell Me Moor! by OPI
Decals, jewels, micro beads...uh...not so much. Once, I did get daring. I purchased a bottle of gold glitter polish by OPI to complement the purple pedicure I'd just received. A coat of old gold glitter over my purple tootsies (just one on each foot) to recognize the centennial celebration of my father's fraternity...Omega Psi Phi! I didn't get too many comments on the pedicure when I went out that night. Oh well guess there weren't that many foot fetishists out and about ; )
gold glitter nails
Glitter top coat looked a little like this. 
(Image from www.luuux.com)
purple glitter nails
Color base coat looked a little like this purple glitter.
(Image from air-tan.com/blog)
Enough of the digression on beauty trends! I was lucky enough to pick up this pack of 8 bottles from the dollar store. Wow, that's a little more than 12 cents a bottle. I cannot wait to use these in a mini scene. Perhaps my next kitchen or artist's studio. Who knows...we shall see. Most of you in the miniature blogoshpere are a pretty thrifty bunch. This post is a simple reminder: don't forget your dollar stores

07 February 2013 16 comments

Swaps, Giveaways & A Challenge

Parcels have been crossing the globe and two special one's have found their way to my mailbox. Each quite literally coming from opposite sides of the world.  I just had to share them. First during Inauguration week(end),  I received a hefty package from Mini Dork in California.

This is just my second swap. (Here's more on my first swap.) I'm still a newbie and get very, very excited. Thanks again M!

Quite honestly, I only discovered earlier this week while perusing the archives over at The Shopping Sherpa (TSS) that part of the etiquitte of a swap is to open only one package in the parcel per day until there are no more left. TSS explained it all but I didn't know this until after opening up all this "green goodness" (that was our theme) to discover exactly what I'd received. Now that I'm more informed, I think I just might try to exercise some restraint on the next go 'round. But I'm curious to know just how many of you all open just one package a day upon receiving your swaps? Please do tell!

Next, I was quite surprised to learn that TSS decided to make it rain goodies from one of her favorite stationary shops called Typo. (At least, for everyone who commented on her blog post that day). Woohoo! I like receiving international packages. It's so fun thinking how far it traveled just to reach me.

I received this package of cool laser cut wood icons and one of TSS's postcards showcasing her mad photography skills. It read, "I can't wait to seeing what you make with these."

So I've decided to put out a quick and dirty small challenge. Design a scene around some holiday or observance in February (Valentine's Day, Wear Red for Women, Chinese New Year) you see where I'm going with this, right? I'll be publishing my reveal post next week on Valentine's Day (February 14th). Please try to post your own challenge reveal on (or as close to) February 14 as possible, then link back to this post. I'll add links for everyone who participates, as well. Everyone is a winner here as we add to our blog conversations for this month. Tell me, are you in?
02 February 2013 4 comments

Tutorial: Miniature Magnetic Furniture

napkin rings, West Elm 

Last spring, I picked up a pair of white metal napkin rings from West Elm.  I believed they would be a staple in creating any number of awesome pieces of miniature furniture. Little did I know exactly how much I'd love them and use them again and again. When I returned to the store to buy more, they were all sold out (sighs with disappointment). You can imagine my surprise when an unpainted version reappeared during the holiday season. I've picked up four more napkin rings hoping that will be enough to satisfy my imagination.

These are great supplies for building furniture
with magnets.

I began attaching different shaped magnets to the napkin rings and other metal miniatures I had on hand.  There's a brand called Mighty Magnets that are strong enough to maintain their attraction through glass and acrylic pieces. Great, a chance for more versatility. So this is just about the easiest tutorial ever. Use super strong magnets of various shapes with metal, acrylic or glass to make some awesome modern furniture and fixtures. Unleash your creativity! Check out the pieces I made below.

Metal side tables (horizontal)
Painted side tables (on left: horizontal; center: vertical)
Coffee table (on right)
Vessel sinks on pedestals (on left: tall; on right: low)
Rear center: metal fire pit 
Details: metal and glass condiment bowls are from Ikea; acrylic blocks from Michael's; all magnets purchased from The Container Store

Oh, here's a short little video to sum everything all up...